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Caught On Tape: Big Sister Club

Caught on tape. Last week, NewsChannel 11 told you about a Coronado High School initiation event that may have pushed the envelope a little too far. While some say the event is a harmless annual tradition, others say it is hazing and it is against the law. NewsChannel 11 has obtained a videotape of the event so you can decide for yourself. Just click on the 'play video' button on this page.

Senior girls from Coronado High School reportedly pick sophomore girls to be a part of a big sister club, but before that happens the girls are put through an initiation ritual. This year's alleged hazing happened in Jennings Park on August 24th. It is controversial because some say it is hazing which is against the law. The definition of hazing is to persecute or harass with meaningless, difficult, or humiliating tasks. Some of the video could be viewed as startling or graphic, so watch at your own risk.

L.I.S.D. says because it happened off campus and on a weekend, the school district has no authority over the matter and it is a parent issue. In addition, L.I.S.D. did send a letter to parents of incoming sophomores at the end of May. It warns parents saying, 'High school students may contact incoming students regarding a 'rite of passage' from junior high to high school. They may try to pass it off as being school sponsored. This is not the case; these students are acting as individuals and not as members of any school organization.'

Students told us last week, the event got a little out of control this year, but it will go on next year.

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