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Alcohol Sales On Ballot Draw Early Voters in Brownfield

A record number of voters are expected to cast a ballot in this year's election, and that's no different here in West Texas, but in Terry County the Presidential Election, is not the biggest decision on voter's minds.  

Early voting kicked off on Monday at the Terry County Court House where a record number of people showed up to cast their ballot.  "We had a big rush first thing, before 9 a.m. we had close to 100 voters," said Terry County Clerk Interim Dolly Moya. 

More than 400 Terry County voters showed up on the first day of early voting, and its two big decisions that seem to be drawing the crowds to the polls. "This year I believe it's the presidential of course and then we also have either for or against the legal sale of beer and wine," said Moya.

But this isn't the first time beer and wine sales have been on the ballot.  It appeared on the ballot in 1950 and 1980, but was voted down both times.  Many residents are opposed to the sale of beer and wine.  "Alcohol is a horrible thing just like drugs and I've lived through it so that's why it's very important to me so, that's why I'm here early," said early voter Juan Alvardo.    

"It's always been a dry community, it's a very Christian community, it's a very church orientated community, so it is a big issue and I believe they want to keep it dry," said early voter Charlotte Shelhamer.

But others think the sale of beer and wine would help the city thrive.  "I came to vote for alcohol, I think we should keep the taxes in the town and help the town to prosper because everyone wants the town to prosper but nobody wants to do anything about it," said early voter Nikki Baker.

"I'm not a big drinker at all, but that really wasn't my main point.  I see the smaller cities drying up and moving towards Lubbock.  Everything passes through this town, but it's passing through at a high rate of speed, I'd like to slow it down," said early voter Lonny King.   

But some voters say no matter what the outcome they will accept it.  "People will choose and however they choose it's what we will live with.  Just like any other election, you have your vote you put it in the way you want it and then you live with what the majority goes with," said early voter Paul Shelhamer.  

If you are planning to vote early in Brownfield you can only do so here at the Court House.  Early voting continues until October 31st.

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