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City Council Members Endorse County Commissioner Challenger

With the November 4th election deadline nearing, candidates are stepping up efforts to get attention.  In the race for Lubbock County Commissioner Precinct One, the challenger John Miller is trying the "Look who is endorsing me" approach.  It is rare for city and county politics to mix, but it's getting down to the wire. One candidate in the county commissioner's race is hoping extra support will help him get elected.   

"It's often said that endorsements don't win elections, but they sure can't hurt," said John Miller.

Democrat candidate for Lubbock County Commissioner Precinct One John Miller is getting many endorsements for his campaign, but some might be surprised of who is endorsing him. 

Many Republicans and two city council members have voiced their support. 

"I expect Republicans to act like Republicans and when they don't, I'm going to call them on it," said Republican Mikel Ward who supports Miller.

City council members hold non-partisan positions.  Members Todd Klein and Paul Beane have both stepped up to support Miller over incumbent Bill McCay.  

"I think by having Paul and Todd endorsing me, and having to come to know all these people, have proven who I am.  We are going to be in a position now to work with the city government to find the overlap in services where we can jointly save our citizens money," said Miller.

"Despite the fact that I serve on the Lubbock City Council, I'm a voter in Mr. McCay's precinct.  I'm a 44-year citizen of Lubbock and just because I hold an elected office that should not muzzle me when it comes to issues especially political issues I feel passionate about," said City Councilman Paul Beane.

County commissioner Bill McCay agrees the city and county should work together. 

"Those folks have every right to choose who they want to support.  Hopefully I'm successful in my re-election and I'll work with those folks just as much after the election as I am now.  The important thing is to work with the city of Lubbock on a daily basis to benefit the tax payers in the city as well as the county," said McCay.

The Lubbock County Commissioner's election is November 4th.

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