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The Twin Draft Guard: Does It Work?

You have to assemble the Twin Draft Guard yourself. You get four foam pipes, a brown sleeve and a short list of instructions.  

It's supposed to take care of airy gaps under your doors.  Like a door we found leading to a garage. For $10, you get one Guard in your package.   So we are going to test it on two different doors.  Once you get the foam pipes in the sleeve, you slide the Twin Draft Guard under the door. It was easy to do, but NewsChannel 11 quickly noticed we did not cut the foam pipe on the outside short enough.  The door would not shut, because it kept getting stuck.  

Once we worked through the kinks, we were not able to see the gap any more.  Also we didn't feel a draft either. For the second door, we cut the pipe a little shorter to see if it would close easer. The Guard slid on the carpet well, but it got caught on the door again. This could be a problem if you're not the patient type.   But there still wasn't a draft!  

How do you know it works for sure though? Streamers and a hairdryer can help.  When we tested it without the guard, the streamers placed on the bottom of the door were fluttering like crazy!  And, when the guard was there, the streamers were very steady.  You can tell it makes a huge difference.  The Twin Guard Works!

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