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Erectile Dysfunction May Be Symptoms of Heart Trouble

It may be embarrassment that keeps men from going to the doctor for erectile dysfunction, but a new study in the British Medical Journal says to do it for your heart.

Researchers in the U.K. are issuing a warning to other doctors that erectile dysfunction, or ED, and heart disease go hand-in-hand. They say there needs to be more awareness about it. And that doctors should ask more questions whenever treating erectile dysfunction.

The study shows that ED increases the risk of heart trouble by 50 percent, and that men who present with ED are two to three years away from a coronary event. Experts also say patients with heart disease should be screened for erectile dysfunction.

Bottom line, the journal says people should not look at ED as a lifestyle issue, but a serious risk factor for heart trouble.

This study was led by researchers at Good Hope Hospital and published in the British Medical Journal.

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