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KCBD Viewer Reunites Owner With Missing Dog

After five weeks of uncertainty, a Lubbock dog owner is reunited with her lost pet, and it's all thanks to the keen eyes of a NewsChannel 11 viewer. We first told folks about this story earlier this month, when a black Labrador named Faith went missing.

Now, she's home with her family. Owner Sawyer Lewis adopted Faith, after Hockley County authorities removed her and 10 other dogs from what they described as a puppy mill in April. Then, in September Faith disappeared from Lewis' back yard.

Tuesday morning, a viewer saw Faith near 1st and University, and helped bring her home.  "She had seen a dog that fit the description of a dog she'd seen on KCBD's website; of course that was our Faith.  If I could explain to you how touching it has been to my life, the experience of this, the kindness of strangers is 100% the reason Faith is home," Lewis said. 

Lewis says this experience has taught her a lot, and she hopes other animal lovers can do the same. She says folks need to always tag their dogs, which Faith had, but lost along the way. That's why she also had a micro-chip. Most vets, shelters, and animal services will scan strays for free.  

Also, you don't have to take strays to the shelter and leave them. If you find a stray, call the shelter, fill out what they call a "found card", and then you can keep the animal with you until the owner can get to them.

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