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Is Ticket Scalping In Lubbock Illegal?

To scalp or not to scalp.  That is the question many are asking now that all Texas Tech vs. UT game day tickets are sold out.  However we found some tickets, if you're willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to see Tech play Texas. But is it legal to scalp tickets online or on the streets?

Lubbock District Attorney Matt Powell says it is, "if somebody's willing to pay for a ticket that's more than face value there's nothing in the penal laws that prevents that."

It's not illegal to sell your Tech tickets or any other tickets for more than face value. However there is a catch. That law isn't the law of the land everywhere. "Some cities have some city ordinances that say you can't scalp tickets but to my knowledge in Lubbock there's nothing like that," Powell says.

Powell says Houston is one such city.  But don't think just because it's legal in Lubbock County and the city that makes it legal on Tech's campus. It's not. Tech Police say if you're caught once, they'll ask you to leave. But twice get's you arrested for trespassing.

"It's like your home. You can prevent certain people from doing things in your yard and they're the same thing," Powell said.

If you want to attend the game badly enough to spend thousands of dollars.  District Attorney Powell has a warning.  "My caution is if you're buying tickets that you don't know where they originated from I certainly would be a little bit leery especially if I'm paying a couple thousand dollars for a ticket. I certainly would be leery of where I'm getting those from"

One way it is illegal to sell after market tickets is if the tickets are fake. Powell says doing that, depending on your price tag, could be a felony and you could face a fine and jail time.

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