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Tech Student "Kicks" In Prime Time

One Texas Tech sophomore could be gearing up for the kick of a life time.  Matt Williams won a kicking contest during a recent Tech game. He was supposed to win rent for a year. But little did Williams know it was that 30 yard field goal that would prompt Coach Mike Leach to invite him on the team.  "Very impressive kick and maybe we'll get to see him again," Leach said.

Who knew it was that kick that would sign him to the Tech football team and quite possibly give Williams the chance to be kicking against Kansas come Saturday's game.  "We have a tradition of walk on kickers rising to the top. Treece and Tralika were both walk on kickers that eventually got to play significantly," said Leach. 

Could Williams be next to follow in that tradition? Only time will tell. But his kick and this story has been punted to the top story on says the 6th ranked Red Raiders are seriously considering giving Matt Williams a shot against 18th ranked Kansas.

So what does Williams' old athletic director Philip O'Neal at Weatherford High School near Fort Worth worth say about all this hype?  "I'm not surprised in any way shape or form that he's in the position he's in, fact I'm surprise it hasn't happened before now." O'Neal said.

O'Neal says Williams was a kicker for his high school team. He was kicking 30 yard field goals in junior high and by his senior year he had grown to a 50 yard field goal kicker.  "Whether it's for drills or whether you eventually develop the skills to go out there and be the guy, we're always looking for guys so we're excited," said Leach. 

So on Saturday all eyes will be on a sophomore from Texas Tech, with a kick that proved more valuable than anyone ever imagined.

One interesting thing about this unique turn of events for Williams is because he's now part of the Texas Tech football team. He will have to forgo that year worth of rent.

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