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Sharp Advice: Healthy School Lunches

Much of the food that is marketed for school lunches is also high in sugar or is processed, which gives kids a short boost of energy but leaves them drained and easily distracted.  Former Lady Raider Coach Marsha Sharp had some advice for packing your kids a healthy and tasty lunch in her weekly segment "Sharp Advice".

Holly Thetford, RN, says, "You really need to make sure that you're not sacrificing nutrition for flavor or for taste.  You also need to keep in mind your child's likes and dislikes.  You certainly don't want to send them cottage cheese and carrot sticks because it's going to look good and someone's going to say ‘Oh what a healthy lunch', if the child's not going to eat it".  She adds, "You know proteins, they do stay in your system longer, they do sustain longer, they are going to give you more energy, they're going to keep energy throughout the day".

Marsha advises that kids who choose a la carte foods need to be careful in their selection to be sure they are not getting their calories primarily from sugar and remember that when planning a lunch for your children, variety is key. 

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