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The Gift of Life

"I was so sick, that without the blood, I probably wouldn't have made it," says blood recipient Norma Smith. Smith is thankful to be alive, just days after 9-11 she had open heart surgery, and received eight pints of blood.

"It helped to have the blood there when I needed it," she says. Lubbock donations were at an all-time high following September 11th. "We had 200, 300, 400 donors a day," says UBS Manager Les Long.

Tammy Scheuermann was one of the donors. She had just moved from Canada to Lubbock, and had never donated until 9/11. "I felt like I needed to do something, so many people are doing different things for this country and this was just one thing I can do being one person in Lubbock," says Scheuermann.

The shock of September 11th inspired people like Tammy to take action and donate, but the giving has stopped since, and UBS manager Les Long says he's concerned. "We want people to remember the feeling they had a year ago, when on 9-11, when they wanted to do something for fellow man. We probably get about 18 donors a day right now, but we need about 110 units to meet the daily requirement," he says.

And meeting those requirements means more people like Tammy need to come forward. You see, Tammy is a regular donor now; like clockwork, every eight weeks. "It's easy to do it. It doesn't hurt, and it helps a lot of people," she says.

"Today, I'm doing real well. I take care of myself and everything's fine. I'm doing good," says Norma Smith.

In order to donate, you need to be 17 years-old, weigh at least 110 pounds, and be in good health.

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