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Texas Tech/UT Game Hype Growing

The excitement of this weekend's big game between Texas Tech and UT can already be felt all over the Hub City and the state of Texas.

The Longhorn's are ranked #1 and the Red Raiders are ranked the highest in school history, #6 in the AP poll, and #7 in the BCS poll. But the big event isn't just on the football field, and we've got it all covered this week from the frenzied fans, overbooked hotels, economic impact, and more.

"It makes them proud, it gives them a lot of pride, as well as our alumni," said Tech Chancellor Kent Hance.

"It's all about black. We're keyed into black for this game," said owner of Red Raider Outfitter, Stephen Speigleberg.

"It's time. It's Lubbock's time and this is Lubbock's weekend," added Marcy Jarrett with Visit Lubbock.

Lubbock and Texas Tech are abuzz over what some are calling the biggest event to come to Lubbock's ever. "It's great. I cannot wait until the game. It is going to be a great weekend. It's just going to be so exciting. It's unbelievable. People are already tailgating right now," said Erica Henderson and Destinee Scott.

Both are Tech students so their excitement is expected. But that excitement extends to Lubbockites too. In fact, for Sylvia Romero it's a mix of excitement and rivalry for her family. "So this time it's their time so we can kick...you know what," said Sylvia.

Sylvia has family in Austin who are Longhorn fans, but this weekend it's Sylvia's time to shine. "We've already been text messaging back and forth. It's a lot of fun with my family," said Sylvia.

And if you can't find tickets for the big game you're not alone. Even someone you might not expect can't scrounge any up. "Everyone that I have known back to the 8th grade has called me this morning for tickets. And not only do I not have tickets but if anyone watching has extra tickets, I need them," said Chancellor Hance.

However game day apparel is not in short supply. "We've gone through so many shirts right now. It's just going so fast we don't have a legitimate count right yet. But we did have to go get extra storage space to hold the amount of shirts for this game," said Speigleberg.

At Red Raider Outfitter on Broadway just off campus "The Black Out" is coming and they're ready. "We're all focused on black right now," said Speigleberg.

But among all the hype and excitement there has been some stress. The ESPN Game Day Show will be broadcast from Tech's campus Saturday through the weekend. As of Monday, six days before the game, the 65 member crew didn't have rooms in the Hub City. "We've been on the phones all morning to try to make that happen and our hotels have been so responsive and so helpful," said Jarrett.

Visit Lubbock came to the rescue to secure those rooms as this event isn't just a Tech event; it's a Lubbock's event too. "Just having those extra eyes come in and shoot footage of Lubbock's. Shoot the things we see every day. They'll be showing it on national tv and at no cost to us," added Jarrett.

Visit Lubbock reports on any given Saturday home game day Lubbock's sees a $5 to $7 million influx of money. With this game, they say that's probably a low estimate.

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