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Consider This... No Accountability at Animal Shelter

I couldn't believe my eyes this week while watching an investigation by NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Jones. She revealed the employee in charge of adoptions at the Lubbock Animal Shelter doesn't even answer the phone.

In fact, this employee had over 300 unanswered voicemails. My first thought was, are you kidding me? As a taxpayer, I am outraged. What other problems do we have with this city when willing animal adopters can't even get their phone calls returned? And city management wants to build a new $4 million animal shelter? Is the animal shelter just another problem that they think they can throw money at to fix?  Well this is not a facility problem, this is an accountability problem and it is plaguing all levels of government.

Consider this, I don't think the citizens of Lubbock should pay one penny toward a new shelter until the employees there start doing their job.  We've been told we need a new shelter so we can increase pet adoptions. Well, it seems to me they care less about finding animals a nice new home and more about getting themselves a nice new office.

Where's the accountability? Where's this person's boss? Where's the city manager in all of this? Where's the outrage from elected officials? These kinds of problems will only get worse until someone starts holding people accountable. And that won't happen until city management and elected officials realize one thing - it's not their money to waste!

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