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Hale Center Junior High boy Takes Gun to School

It has been a tough couple days for Nick Lucero. The 13-year-old could face third degree felony charges for doing what he calls the right thing. "After practice he gave it to this kid, he went home with the gun, another kid went to his home, and got it and then we went and got it from him, came over here and gave it to my parents," says Nick Lucero.

"He did a good thing by bringing it to us, because he knew we were going to be here to turn it in, and he gets in trouble," says his mother, Elizabeth Lucero.

On Wednesday, one of Nick's friends brought a .22 Caliber handgun to school and carried it in his backpack all day. After school the gun was allegedly passed along to other kids, and ended up in Nicks hands. "It makes me feel like I'm the only one, but it wasn't me, I wasn't the only one who had it," says Nick.

Nick's parents say their son is being labeled the bad guy. Nick's going on his second day of a three day suspension from school.

Superintendent Walter Speck Cox says, "The district has a responsibility and the right to suspend those students until they find out exactly what happened." So far there have been conflicting stories and police are still unclear as to exactly how many kids were involved.

Police Chief J.T. Harrison says they are in the process of questioning anyone who might have information. In the meantime, the Lucero family waits for justice. "I feel like my kid was singled out to take the blame for everything, because he didn't take it off school grounds and the kid that took it off school grounds, he's still going to school," says father, Max Lucero.

Nick's brother Chris, was with him at the time of the incident. He has also been suspended.

The investigation should continue until next week. District Superintendent Cox, says they do not search backpacks, or have metal detectors in their schools. But in the future, they are thinking about reviewing their backpack policy.

The boy who took the gun to school got it from his own house. Police say he may have picked the lock from his parents gun case.

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