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Splitting Prescriptions to Save Money

A new study is confirming what some doctors have long believed -- that some popular prescription drugs, including Viagra, can work just as well if you simply cut them in half, not to mention the money you can save that way.

"Among the medications we identified, antidepressants, anxiety, blood pressure medicines, and medications for cholesterol were prominent on the list," says Dr. Randall Stafford, a Stanford researcher.

Most pharmacies already sell devices to split pills. But before you start whacking at your medication, you should know there are critics who don't like the idea because most drugs should not be cut in half, and the ones that you can, you may not be able to cut them evenly. So, the Stanford study says talk to your doctor or pharmacist first before splitting your medication. It is important to note that the Stanford team tested 250 drugs for this study and only found 11 that they thought were safe to split.

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