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Viewer Response to Consider This on No Accountability at Animal Shelter

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I have adopted from LAS twice in the last two years, and had a very good experience both times.  The staff was helpful, professional, and encouraging. 

However, I have heard from at least two other people in the last year at the lack of responsiveness and professionalism they experienced.  Both times I believe it involved a dog they found and brought to the shelter, and the negative experiences came when they tried to follow up and/or adopt the dog or cat in question.

I'm actually very disappointed, and frankly baffled.  The woman I dealt with conveyed to me her enjoyment in her job and she expressly said she liked being able to place animals in good homes.  If it's the same woman I dealt with, I have to wonder what has happened to that would change her attitude so drastically.

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I am glad someone finally did a story about the animal shelter in Lubbock.  I worked at the shelter several years ago and the same thing was happening then that is happening now.  Unanswered call were the norm and not euthanizing dogs and cats was not big deal. I am glad the city is looking into this. It needs to set up better rules and regulations on how to deal with people who have lost their animals and also those who would like to adopt one.  Thank you for finally shedding some light on this problem.

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Thank you for the Consider This segment.  It is always refreshing in this day and age of money fixes everything, to hear a voice speaking truth.  Accountability is what the world needs and is sooo lacking of it.  When people start taking responsibilty for their errors and trying to do what is right, we all will see things improve greatly and money can't buy the respect others have for a person who does what is right in life. Thanks again for being a voice in a mixed up world.

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There needs to be a follow-up to this story please!!!  Get this employee's boss on TV and we need to be sure this employee is FIRED!!!  I want to know a replacement is hired, training is in place on how to EFFECTIVELY and EFFICIENTLY  this job is going to be done from here on out!!!  I'll be surprised if this story does not go further and receive state or national attention.

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The "shelter" if you can even call it that is shameful.  They have made some token improvements over the years, but I don't think that makes even a small difference.  I lost my dog last year and while I was making daily visits to the shelter to look for her, I found another dog I wanted to adopt.  She was in the area of abandoned dogs and had no chance of being adopted out.  She had a slight leg injury, but that was all.  She had been there for weeks and no one had claimed her.  I expressed my interest and said I wanted to take her.  I had to push and push and push to get anyone to even listen to me.  Finally, I talked to a woman who took down my name, got all of my details, entered them into their computer and said they would call when the waiting period was over.  I called a few times to check and see how things were going, but nothing.  They never called, and the dog was euthanized.

It was unbelievable to me, that this dog had the opportunity to live a great life in a loving home, and for whatever reason, they did not give her that chance.  She was a really beautiful, sweet dog and other than having a slight injury, there appeared to be nothing wrong with her.  If the vet had ever checked her or had found out anything about her health, then the very least they could have done was call and let me know either way.  I have heard similar stories from other people who have said that they have been told outright that most animals that are picked up are euthanized.  Obviously, we need more responsible pet owners, too.

I have had to visit the shelter a few times over the years, and have just been appalled at the conditions.  In the past, the smell in the adoption areas was overwhelming.  This has improved slightly, but the noise level is pretty unbearable.  I can't imagine what king of stress those animals are feeling, and anyone who wants to adopt has got to be put off by that.

Clearly, the city doesn't value the animal shelter.  I can only imagine how things could change in our community if improvements were made (all around).  I give a little credit to the folks who have had to work in those conditions for any length of time, but for Pete's sake, they have to be diligent in their jobs.

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I just watched the piece on the Animal Shelter. I agree 100% and great work.

Consider This... No Accountability at Animal Shelter
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