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Viewer Response to Consider This on Gun Control

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In regards to your Consider this, Gun Laws... Thank You.  It is refreshing to hear this kind of comment from a news source.

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I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Jackson's commentary.  This was nothing more than an individual who allegedly committed a stupid and avoidable crime.  This is an issue of personal responsibility, plain and simple.

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When you first came on I thought you were going to use this incident to support the issue of removing the right to keep and bear guns.  Was I happy when you turned the corner and supported our second amendment right.  Thank God you felt strongly enough to speak out in support of this right.

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Dan, I have never written about anything that I have heard on any program on radio or television. I have decided that it is my duty to speak my beliefs. I whole heartedly agree with you concerning the concealed hand gun law. I believe it is our right, given by our forefathers, to keep and bear arms. Yes, someone may misuse that right, but so do people misuse autos when they drive drunk, but I don't hear anyone wanting to ban cars! Let the due process of law take care of the man who made that bad choice, but it should in no way be used to take away anyone's constitutional right.

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I would like to commend you on your remarks regarding this unfortunate incident.

It is a rarity and a breath of fresh air to hear the media actually taking a stand for truth and not hyped up rhetoric.

You are exactly correct about this. It is an isolated event brought on by poor judgment and it is indeed NOT a gun issue. There are around 300,000 CHL holders in the state of Texas. This is one incident.

It really is never the gun. There has to be someone operating it. They are just a tool that can be mis-used. Its not the hammers fault that your thumb was hit.

Thank you again for taking a stand for what is the truth.

Consider This....Gun Control
Dan Jackson expresses his thoughts about the incident with a gun at a kids soccer game.

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