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New Device Detecting Breast Cancer Earlier

Breakthrough technology is now available in the fight against breast cancer.

A new device is making its way to women's healthcare providers. It's detecting cancer at early stages in younger women. The new "halo breast pap test" helps a woman determine her own risk factors.

The machine uses warmth and pressure to bring fluid in the glands to the surface. "Women have fluid in the ducts of the nipple and the halo basically is like a massage that massages the ducts and sucks the fluid out of the nipple," said reconstructive surgeon Dr. Gail Lebovic.

That fluid comes through these tubes and is then tested. The reason this is such a big deal is abnormal cells can be detected eight years before something might show up on a mammogram.

The test is just $75 and takes 10 minutes. We'll let you know when the halo test becomes available in Lubbock.

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