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Children Speak About Accused Kidnapper

Unharmed and glad to be home, that's how 9-year-old Angel Contreras and 11-year-old Jasmine Bazan described themselves to NewsChannel 11 Wednesday night. They arrived home around 4 a.m. Wednesday with, now 15-year-old, Lashawnda Theriac. She celebrated her birthday on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, their accused kidnapper, 41-year-old Kenneth Wilcox, remained locked up in Oklahoma Wednesday night.  He's awaiting extradition back to Lubbock to face aggravated kidnapping charges.

Upon meeting the children, it was hard to believe just a few days ago no one knew where they were. In fact, the children tell us they never really felt in danger, they just wanted to come back home.  "We just kept on trying to beg him, and he still didn't let us come home," Contreras said. 

It took them five days to get back. Now, Contreras and Bazan couldn't be happier to be back home.  "I slept and said hello to all my family and stuff," Bazan said. 

Not knowing exactly what was going on, the children say they never went to Six Flags in Arlington where Wilcox said they were headed.  "We didn't go any of those places he told us," Bazan said. 

"We had to sleep in the woods, and my sister and her friend kept on begging him to come to home, and he kept on saying that he was going to get his truck, but he never did," Contreras said.  The arrest warrant states that Wilcox told the children's parents that he'd won a pick-up truck and that he was going to get it, as well as take his son to Six Flags over Texas.

"Was he ever mean to you at all?" NewsChannel 11 asked.  "No," Bazan said. 

"When he dropped us off at a cousin's, his cousin showed up. He's like, you know you all have been kidnapped. I was like, what?" Contreras said.  "After I told them they were kidnapped they started crying, because I guess they didn't know. They acted like they didn't know," Wilcox's cousin Terry Keaton said. 

"We looked at him; he's like I'm going to call the cops, and I thought he was just playing, then he really did," Contreras said.  Now, both children say they don't ever want to see Wilcox again.

As of Wednesday night there's no word on when Wilcox will be back to Lubbock to face the kidnapping charges.  NewsChannel 11 will let folks know when he arrives. 

We've also learned that Child Protective Services is now involved in the case. They cannot comment on the specifics, but we do know CPS generally looks into acts of the family.  NewsChannel 11 will keep you updated on any new developments.

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