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Where Did All the 9-11 Money Go?

Americans revealed more than just money after September 11th. "I felt like if I give it, I gave it with my heart," says one local donor. American Red Cross in Lubbock received a lot of money, and it kept coming in until April. "We received more than $597,000 for that event," says Rosalyn Martinez, American Red Cross Emergency Services Director.

That's the most money the Red Cross has ever received for a national crisis. "That all went to the disaster relief operations in New York, Philadelphia, and the Pentagon," says Martinez. Red Cross was not alone, United Way of Lubbock Marketing Director Carol Alonzo says their phones never stopped ringning that day. "About $60,000 came through our office," says Alonzo.

All of the money was given to the United Way of New York. In all, the United Way of Lubbock saw a 6% increase last year. Lubbock came together as a community when a nation was in need, but citizens also remembered the needs here at home. "People realize that they need to be doing things here locally. There's a national crisis, but there's a crisis happening in Lubbock every day," Alonzo says.

Whenever local donations are made for a national crisis, the donor designates exactly where the money goes.

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