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New Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

A Salt Lake City hospital is using a new hyperbaric chamber that can take patients below sea level or higher than Mount Everest.

The chamber is a $1.2 million bundle of steel that contains a pressurized oxygen room. Instead of being rolled into a chamber for oxygen therapy, it is as easy as walking into a room. Dr. Lindell weaver, M.D., who practices hyperbaric medicine, explains, "This is not only hyper baric, meaning increased pressure, it's also hypo baric. It will go to altitude".

This new kind of chamber can take patients as far as 99-feet below sea level, if needed, to speed up the healing of wounds or to treat carbon monoxide poisoning.  It can also go up, simulating an altitude of 30,000-feet.

Researchers say it could be used to predict whether a heart patient's condition might be aggravated by a plane flight or to test an athlete's endurance at different altitudes.

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