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A New Way to Deal With Alopecia

These women are putting their heads together to deal with their hair loss.  They have alopecia areata.  Instead of hiding the disorder, this group has decided to bring it out in the open to connect with other women who are also learning to cope with hair loss.  They founded a new group called "Bald Girls Do Lunch."  For many of them, it has already become a sisterhood.

Alopecia sufferers Maryann French, Patti Burkholder, and Thea Chassin say of the group, "This was the first time that I was in a situation where you could be openly bald...You walked into the bathroom, there's a bald girl there!  I was, like, so excited!  And then the next girl came in and she felt embarrassed because she wore her wig to lunch!  Women are finding other people that are not that far away from where they live, and then they can keep in contact with each other afterwards".

"Bald Girls Do Lunch" holds gatherings in cities throughout the United States and is looking to expand.  So, if you would like to start a "Bald Girls Do Lunch" group here in Lubbock, go to click here.

For general information on alopecia areata:

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