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Power and Water Soon to be Back on For Boardwalk Apartment Residents

Boardwalk Apartment residents are still in the dark and without water, but that will soon change.

The management at Boardwalk Apartments called and said that LP&L is on their way to restore utilities to the complex.  Boardwalk Apartments are owned by Investment Properties LLC and they are based out of California.  We learned on Thursday this company has only owned the apartments for just over a year.

Paul Dewey and his family signed a lease to move into Boardwalk Apartments at the beginning of October.  After living there less than a month, his water and electricity were shut off even though he paid his bills.  "It's just frustrating.  No running water, no way to cook my food.  I can't bring my son back from my mom's house because we don't have the proper utilities to do so even though we've paid for them," said Dewey.   

At Boardwalk Apartments utilities are included in the monthly rate, so it is the apartment's responsibility to pay LP&L for water and electricity.  LP&L says they have tried numerous times to contact the management. "We did the reminder notice, we did the disconnect notice.  On the 23rd we actually hung 150 door tags and when we hang door tags we hang them on every door available it might just be to a mechanical closet or a swimming pool but we just want to make sure it gets noticed," said Chris Simms with LP&L. 

But Dewey says he never saw a notification. "No notification at all.  I heard about some note, but I never saw one," said Dewey.   

LP&L says they have gone above and beyond.  "With this particular customer we have made numerous attempts to call.  We've actually had them call us so we have been in contact with them to see if we could prevent the disconnection," said Simms.

They say they are just waiting for the payment. "As soon as we receive payment and we can validate that it's a good payment we will return the services and turn them back on as soon as possible," said Simms.

The manager did not want to go on camera, but she did call to inform NewsChannel 11 that power and water is in the process of being restored.

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