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Loaning Student ID for Saturday's Game "Not a Good Idea"

The Texas Tech/Texas game has been sold out for months, and now pretty much the only way you can get your hands on one of those coveted tickets is to pay big bucks.

The clock is ticking for those hoping to win their way into the game. Most eBay auctions have been closing for about $1,000 for a pair of tickets. We even found two tickets on eBay with the "Buy It Now" price of $4,000. No one had bid on those just yet.

A ticket in hand isn't the only way to get into the game - Texas Tech students simply swipe their ID. We found one of those on eBay as well.

The ID is the all-access athletics pass for Texas Tech students. Red Raiders are automatically charged $50 on their tuition and fees for the pass, but it's first come, first serve when it comes to getting in the gates. That's why hundreds of Red Raiders camp out days before the game. But to get inside the Jones this weekend, the face on the id card must match the person trying to use it.

This could have been a problem for one fan come Saturday if they would have used a "borrowed" ID. A Texas Tech student put his up for auction on eBay. It sold for $70. The ad said the pass was for pickup only and did not grant a seat at the game. It even mentioned that using a student ID that is not yours could possibly get noticed and you will not be able to enter the game.

We talked with the student who said he rethought the idea and decided not to "loan" the card. The director of the school's ID system, Dolores Harper, said that was a wise decision if he wanted it back. "It is against the student handbook policy to loan their card out to someone else."

"It's really not a good idea because it has their dinning bucks on it, their Raider Card money (on it). It's just not a good idea to loan out your card. If the student is caught at the game using someone else's card, the card is confiscated and the student is reported to the judicial programs here on campus," Harper added.

From there, the consequences come on a case by case basis. They can range from a written reprimanded all the way to expulsion.

The ID Office says this is an issue the university deals with every year, and that's why the gate attendants know to look at the cards. So, if you plan on using someone else's pass to get in, you might want to rethink it.

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