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Where Were You?

As ceremonies are held across the Nation in remembrance of September 11th, many Lubbockites are sharing the stories of where they were when the news came.

"I was in Dallas, Texas I had a meeting and somebody came in our meeting a told us a plane had hit the World Trade Center. So we all left the meeting and went to a TV in the office and while we were watching the news we'd seen the other plane hit the other tower and at that point we knew it wasn't an accident," Lubbock resident Alan Foster said.

"I was at work. I'm a registered nurse in clinical research, I accidentally had a monitor here who was from New York that day and we sat together and watched the events and she was a little more emotional that the rest of us, later on that day I discovered her brother-in-law worked in the World Trade Center and it was two days before she could get home and find out he was alive and he had gotten out of the first building," Jacque Stark of Lubbock said.

"My thoughts were the logistics of the fire, how they could put that fire out and the man power it would take to do it, shortly later the second plane hit and it clarified any doubts that it was a deliberate event, and I was still thinking how are they going to get these fires out, then when the collapse happened I went from thinking how are they going to put this fire out to thinking about the number of people were in there and lost," Lubbock Fire Chief Steve Hailey said.

"We all know Americans are resilient and what this has done is reminded us who we are and that there is a price for liberty and a price for freedom, unfortunately Americans are the catalysts to attack other countries that chose not to live the way we live but we've just pulled together and our patriotism is renewed," Sheriff David Gutierrez said.

"I'm really pleased with the way the community across the nation has responded and taken into consideration that freedom's not free and there is a cost to that and that they recognize first responders and recognize that our whole nation is united now," Lubbock Police Chief Claude Jones said.

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