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NewsChannel 11 Takes You Behind the ESPN Game Day Lights

"Raiderville" is just one area where loyal Red Raider fans are gathering. History is being made near the Memorial Circle where many will gather for their close up.

ESPN Game Day started taping just after 3:30 Friday afternoon. We're told those segments will run on SportsCenter throughout the evening, letting the country know game day is LIVE in Lubbock, Texas.

Earlier Friday NewsChannel 11 got a tour of the set the rest of America will soon see.

After a week of talk and planning for the big game, ESPN Game Day is nearly ready to go live from Lubbock. "They're going to feel like they are in Lubbock for two hours on Saturday morning," says Game Day Director Lorenzo Lamadrid.

Lamadrid says it takes eight cameras to put on the show, four on stage and four among fans. "Really let people at home feel like they are here. So we use those extra cameras to show all the fans and show how excited they are," Game day Director Lorenzo Lamadrid said.

 NewsChannel 11 went inside the ESPN production truck where Lamadrid directs the show. He says the 70 person crew arrived in the Hub City mid week to begin building the set. "We are setting up our audio equipment and testing the cameras and adjusting a lot of lighting throughout the day," Lamadrid said.

But that is not the only preparation needed for this show. Lamadrid says the guys you seen on Game Day also spend a week doing homework before kickoff. "So much of their day is reaching different schools, talking to coaches' players and what have you. And they come on the show and they are so good at making it seem smooth," Lamadrid added.

Matt Williams, Tech's new kicking sensation, has inspired an added segment for this weekend's show. "It's a little different we had a goal post brought out we - normally don't have those," said Lamadrid.

Some of the cameras started to roll Friday morning, as ABC Sports broadcaster, Brent Musburger, was live on ESPN SportsCenter from Texas Tech's campus. "How about those tents outside? I thought I was back at Duke. I thought the Dukies were getting ready for an important basketball game against North Carolina. I can't believe that it is a football game in Lubbock," Musburger said.

If you would like to take part in Saturday morning's broadcast of Game Day you better get there early. College Game Day will begin airing at 9 a.m. Saturday, but the staging area opens at 7 a.m.

Those with football parking passes, can park in their spots or you can park at the United Spirit Arena or off campus.

Creative signs are encouraged, but they must be TV appropriate. We are told the Game Day crew will screen all signs near the set.

Loaning Student ID for Saturday's Game "Not a Good Idea"
A ticket in hand isn't the only way to get into the game. Texas Tech students simply swipe their ID, and we found one for sale on eBay. But Tech officials warn against it.

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