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A Bracelet That Could Save Your Loved One's Life

Earl Sexton walked out his front door in Oregon last year with a hiking boot on one foot and a dress shoe on the other and never came back. His wife Ardis says if only he had been wearing some identification that he suffered from Alzheimer's, he might have been directed back toward home. Ardis wants to get the word out now that there are special tracking bracelets that might have helped Earl and others like him who suffer from Dementia.

"The closer you get to the victim, it chirps like a bird and gets louder and louder," says Earl's wife, Ardis.

"Well, if you've seen it on the Discovery Channel, tracking bears, orcas, whatever they want to track," says Steve Harrison of the Clark County Sheriff's Department.

The technology is old, but new and effective in tracking patients with Alzheimer's. It is something sheriff's deputies say can help authorities locate a missing Alzheimer's patient in less than an hour. Earl, sadly, has never been found. If you would like more information on these tracking bracelets, you can (click here) or call 1-800-842-4537.

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