What Sets Us Apart


You'll never feel the chill of a sterile, clinical environment of the embarrassment of a co-ed gym where half of the equipment is foreign with you. We truly believe that your environment is one of the most important elements in any weight loss regimen. As with most situations, if you don't feel comfortable it is difficult to flourish or reach the full potential of your body or mind.

Weight Loss Meets Rejuvenation

Upon entering our state-of-the-art weight loss center, you may think you've stepped into a rejuvenating day spa. Our spacious, ambient and secure environment is the perfect place to feel at home when you're embarking on a life-changing journey. Your comfort level is of utmost importance to us - from our caring counselors to our inviting philosophy, we've created a true refuge and place you can trust.

Three Phase Figure Correction Program

Inches-A-Weigh: the most comprehensive weight loss and exercise program available to women. Inches-A-Weigh is the fastest weight loss concept that uses a complete Three Phase Figure Correction program. The Three phase approach combines nutritional counseling sculpting and cardiovascular fitness-all under one roof. It is designed to help women make permanent life style changes and achieve long term health, fitness and weight loss results.

As the "new kid on the block" we are often asked what sets us apart from the other weight loss centers. The answers are many:

  1. We provide on-site exercise. Our specialized toning tables help to tone and firm the body, improve flexibility and are gentle, relaxing and very joint and muscle friendly. On our cardiovascular equipment you will burn calories and attain the many other benefits of aerobic exercise.
  2. We provide weekly menus that consist of grocery store food and follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association and the USDA Food Pyramid to reduce caloric intake with portion control.
  3. We provide a food exchange list and a grocery shopping list for your convenience.
  4. We provide 1:1 support AND behavior modification lessons. If you don't change what you've been doing, you won't see a change in yourself!
  5. We provide great music and a spa-like warm and inviting WOMEN ONLY environment.
  6. We have friendly, supportive, caring and attentive employees who are here to hold you accountable for your success.
  7. We have contests, incentives, prizes and recognition boards for our AWESOME clients.
  8. We celebrate success!
  9. We recognize that we NEED to take care of ourselves, and that we DESERVE to see the woman we want to be every time we look in the mirror.
  10. We have FUN!!

Isn't it time for you to stop making excuses? Call us now (806) 687-5781 to schedule your FREE consultation and complimentary figure analysis. We're here for YOU!!