Inches A Weigh Success Stories


“No Pain, No Gain” is the workout guru’s motto.  But, Chronic Pain, You Gain, pounds that is.  I suffer from fibromyalgia and a herniated disc in my lower back, which is a result from an 8 year old injury.  My chronic pain lead me to weekly chiropractor and massage therapy visits along with over the counter and prescribed anti-flammatory meds.  Also ice packs, heating pads and hot baths were a daily ritual.  These remedies helped smooth the sharp pain I was in, but not a cure. 

In the past 2 years I had gained 15lbs from not using my muscles.  They had literally “frozen”.  I also was in a depression from this nagging pain and started eating more.  I knew weight loss and an exercise program was ultimately going to help strengthen my back muscles, but the traditional workout program was not the answer for me. 

My mother is the one who introduced me to “Inches-A-Weigh”.  She told me about their non-evasive toning machines and the “easy” weight loss program.  Now I would have never used “easy” and “weight loss” in the same sentence, but that is exactly how I describe it now.  I took my mother’s advice (smart thing to do girls) and visited with Beverly.  Since she is a nurse she understood my medical problems, and was very informative on how the machines worked and that there were cardio machines also to help with weight loss and gaining endurance.  Then Beverly showed me their weekly menus.  I liked all the food she had selected, but the best part was when she showed me the grocery list that she makes up for each weekly menu.  Now that’s what I call “easy”!

I started on April 28th of this year and weighed in at 166 ½ lbs.  My goal weight was 140 lbs.  Beverly gave me a target date and I stated on my weight loss journey of helping myself become healthier and hopefully in time, less pain.  After ____ months I had already reached my ½ way mark – oh, did I mention you lose inches!!  It was remarkable that my inches just shed off of me.  I strongly believe it’s because of all the water you need to drink in order to keep the impurities flushed out and your body hydrated. 

The toning machines worked wonders on my “frozen” muscles.  When I started I couldn’t even walk on the treadmill, but working out on the toning machines 3 to 4 times a week within the first 4-6 weeks I was riding the bike for 30 minutes, which is equivalent to 10 miles!  That was so encouraging and helped motivate me to keep looking towards my goal. 

Well, my target date came and went but I still had 10lbs to go.  I had married and moved at that time and those “life changes” put me back a bit.  But no problem I started right back on the program and by November 17th I had lost 26 ½ lbs and 36 ¾ inches, which 8 of those inches was off my waist!!  Beverly and her staff were so happy for me and really made a scene.  But the best part is I’m proud of myself and am living a healthier life.  My husband is always commenting on how good I look and encourages me to keep in shape so I’m not in so much pain.  I still visit my chiropractor for needed adjustments and a massage every now and then is great.

Thanks to Beverly, her staff and Inches-A-Weigh I have the tools to keep strengthening my back and to fit into my cute clothes.

Thank you!! Tracy


Bridget Christos

Bridget Before

Bridget After


Lost 80 pounds

75 inches

At age 41, I gave birth to my 3rd child. I weighed 250 pounds. I was a size 2X. The weight I carried caused me to fall into a deep depression. I was always the largest person in the room. I was lost inside my body.

The suffering I experienced was both emotional and physical. My doctor told me that I would cut 20 years off my life if I continued on this path. I was desperate to lose the weight.

After trying everything from diet, to joining a gym, and even hiring a personal trainer in an attempt to lose the extra pound, I was giving up hope. I continued to gain no matter what I tried.

A friend suggested I try the isometric exercise offered at the Inches-A-Weigh near my home. The guarantee was I would lose 8 to 15 inches in a matter of 3 weeks. Skeptical but determined I started at Inches-A-Weigh.

To my surprise, I lost 10 inches and 8 pounds on only 3 weeks. My total weight loss to date is 80 pounds and 75 inches. I am now a size 10. More importantly I have confidence in my body. At age 45, I look and feel 10 years younger. I even wear a bikini on the beach. Inches-A-Weigh literally kept the inches away for 4 years.

I wanted to share my experience with women who suffer they way I had. I became the proud owner of my own Inches-A-Weigh after my weight loss success. I wanted to spread the word to women who feel hopeless about their bodies and can't lose the weight.
Don't lose hope! Believe it!

Inches-A-Weigh will boost your metabolism, stabilize blood pressure, and relieve the symptoms of menopause and arthritis. It worked for me! Now if works for my members! We are all feeling healthy and looking great!


Karen Sportiello

Karen Before

Karen After

Lost 115 pounds

98 inches

I had always had a problem with my weight from the time I was a little girl. I tried many diets and even lost some weight but it always-crept back up. Finally one day as I looked at the Inches-A-Weigh ad, I decided I had to do something. The idea of putting together a diet, exercise and toning approach made so much sense. After I took advantage of the free figure analysis, I knew this was the right decision.

I went to the doctor 3 months after I started the program and my blood pressure was normal and my cholesterol had dropped 99 points. I was thrilled!

In just over a year I have lost 115 pounds and 98 inches. THANK GOD FOR INCHES-A-WEIGH! I couldn't have done it without the program and support I received. I try to encourage others and let them know it can be done with Inches-A-Weigh! I look and feel 20 years younger and I will be grateful for the rest of my life, now I a have a second chance at life.

Weight loss 265 to 149
Total Weight loss 115

Inch loss

Upper back- 7
Upper arms- 3.5
Waist- 17.50
Abdomen- 17
Hips- 15.50
Upper thigh- 8.50
Lower thigh- 5
Calf- 3.50

Total Inch loss 98


Crisann Espeland

Crisann Before

Crisann After


Lost 66 pounds
49 ½ inches

"Before Inches-A-Weigh, food was my biggest hurdle. It didn't make any difference if I was sad or happy -- I would eat until I was stuffed. Now that's totally changed. With Inches-A-Weigh, I lost 66 lbs. and 49 ½ inches in my hips, thighs, back, calves and abdomen. I used to be so tired when I got home from work. Now I'm able to take long walks with my husband and my XXL t-shirts are now mediums! Over a 9 month span with Inches-A-Weigh, I lost at least 1 ½ lbs. every week. Because of their unique combination of exercise, figure shaping and real food, I feel like a new woman and my family eats better as a result. Consequently, my knees feel better, I'm off my high-blood pressure medicine and every time I go into a clothing store, I can always find something up to date and great to wear. Not to mention, when my husband hugs me, he can actually get his arms around me. Thanks Inches-A-Weigh!"