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New Survey Blames Teen Pregnancy On TV

A survey by the Rand Corporation of more than 2,000 teens over a three year period blames teenage pregnancy on what teens see on TV. The study found that teenagers watching sexually suggestive, but not necessarily explicit, are twice as likely to be involved in a pregnancy. 

Many argue that TV programming is unbalanced because kids can see a lot of sex on TV but not much about the consequences. Dr. Nancy Snyderman of the Today Show says, "Teens who get pregnant, girls drop out of school, they make less money, they drop below the poverty level, young men drop out of school".

The National Association Of Broadcasters are reacting to this survey by saying that they encourage parents to use the v-chip and other technologies that block the shows that are inappropriate for children.  Pediatricians say parents need to watch TV with their children so that they will know what their kids are watching and which programs are inappropriate.


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