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Whatever Happened to the Red, White, & Blue?

John Gess wasn't unlike most Americans last September 11th. The United States Air Force Retiree was overcome with emotion and a resurgence of patriotism. "I came home at noon from my job and put my flag out. I guess partially because of my military background, and I wanted to show my support for the country. I also have a son in the military right now and I just wanted to let him know that I'm behind him."

It might be hard to see on the outside, but on the inside, a deep sense of patriotism still exists with just about everyone as we approach the one year anniversary of the attacks. All we had to do was knock on a few doors to find it. Every single person's door we knocked on came out and talked. Including, Jana Shelburne, who's family still puts its flag out on a regular basis. "My father and father in-law both fought in wars. One in the Korean and one in WWII. So we have a special pride in having fathers who have been in the battle zone giving us our freedoms."

Now, it appears the American flag has become more than just a symbol of our freedom, but also a cry for unity and for the entire nation to move forward with hope, courage, and faith.. Despite scary and uncertain times. Which is exactly what DPS Patrolman Bill Schneider is doing. "A lot of emergency service personnel lost their lives on September 11th as well as many civilians. It's a special relationship in the emergency response field which I consider the police to be a part of that. It's a small tribute to them leaving the flag up."

So perhaps a year later love and support for our country is just as strong as ever, at least it is in one Lubbock neighborhood.

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