Healthful Insights - An Online Newsletter

To Prospective Members

It's been a terrific year at Inches-A-Weigh Lubbock!  We've had great success, fun, excitement, contests and prizes. New friendships have been formed, blood sugars are better controlled and cholesterol levels are decreasing. With their physicians' recommendations some of our members have come off blood pressure medications and been able to lower the dose of insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents, and, of course, the pounds and inches have been falling like the winter temperatures!

I explain to each new member of our program that the IAW team she now has working with her will help to ensure her success.  After all, the Inches-A-Weigh program is a very SIMPLE one. Please note, I did not say easy.   It is most definitely not easy to change habits or behaviors, and that is exactly what a major part of our program is about.

We are here to maintain accountability.  We provide the tools, support and environment necessary for success, but we expect a member to do her part.  She owes it to herself to come in at least three times each week, bring in her completed diary,  follow the menu, weigh and measure as scheduled, and integrate the behavior modification lessons.  What better gift to oneself than to look, feel and be the best you can be!!  Make yourself the priority!

To Our Current Members
As we begin a new year please keep in mind the reasons you joined our program.  Continue visualizing that woman you want to see in the mirror. As you work out in the center, focus on what you want to change, and concentrate on how what you are doing can bring about change.  Always remember that you are in total control of how you treat your body.  How have YOU been treating yours?   Doesn't it deserve attention, respect and loving care?  Doesn't it deserve to be given healthful nutrients and the many benefits of exercise?  Don't you deserve some "ME TIME?"   I think you know the answer, that's why you're an Inches-A-Weigh gal!
Our staff is excited about working with you to attain and maintain your weight loss goals.  Your success is our success, and we're gonna' have a great 2009!

We look forward to seeing less of you with each visit.