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Lubbock Agencies Remain on High Alert

Over the past 12 months, we've seen dramatic changes that are designed to keep you safer. The Mahon Federal Building is one place where security hasn't changed since 9/11. That's only because it had already been tightened after the Oklahoma City bombing. But anywhere else in town, adjusting hasn't been just a priority, but a necessity.

Mark Earle with Lubbock International Airport says more than just a few things have changed in the last year. "There's so much that we have done. We've had searches, entering into the short term lot, and any vehicle within 300 feet of the building has to be searched. We've had increased law enforcement presence on the airport, that's required. The changes you've seen so far are not the only changes you're going to see," he says.

Ken Olson works in the Emergency Operations Center at the Lubbock Police Department. "Everyone that comes to the police department reports to the desk sergeant and then gains entry from there. There's no other entrance in the building that you could come through without the proper identification and an actual key to get in," he says. He says that's a lot different than how things worked before September 11th.

There are many changes at Jones SBC Stadium. "Changed the options that people had when they come in. We had to tighten up. We're gonna restrict things. If they're not authorized to come in the stadium, we're going to check people who are carrying larger bags," says Ron Damron, the Associate Athletic Director for Texas Tech University. There's actually a lot of things you can't take into Jones SBC Stadium because of heightened security. For instance, you can't bring video cameras, back packs, umbrellas, strollers, or camera cases.

Ted Tyler of the U.S. Post Office in Lubbock says almost everything that's done there has changed since 9/11. There's a heightened awareness to suspicious packages. He says the post office has hazardous material equipment, mainly because of the anthrax scare that swept through the country this past year. He also says they have developed contingency plans in case of terrorist acts.

Most anywhere you look in Lubbock you're going to see changes in security measures. As a matter of fact, Olson says every city department has made security changes of one sort or another.

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