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Raiderville Going Strong and Keeping Warm

Despite recent cold temperatures, it's easy living at Raiderville thanks to heaters and all the modern amenities like widescreen, high definition TV's with the latest video game systems.

Comfortable couches and good times are to be had by all who reside here and these evening temperatures are no match for these students.

"I'm trying to get a couple of my friends and say, hey, why don't you all stay in the tent with me?" said Raiderville resident John J. Lesley.

"Lots and lots of blankets, lots and lots of layers, really warm sleeping bags. We'll stuff lots of people in the tent and stay warm," said Kristin Eskew. "(We have) propane heaters and lots of sleeping bags," added Blake Roberts. 

In addition to that, businesses across Lubbock are still taking care of the food needs in Raiderville. Thursday night a local dental office provided enough Pedro's Tamales to feed the crowd.     

The count isn't official, but there are currently about 300 students living in roughly 100 tents in Raiderville, on the east side of Jones AT&T Stadium.

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