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Lindsay Family Profiled On "Today Show"

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There was a much different focus on the "Today Show" Thursday morning. You might have been surprised to see some familiar faces from West Texas and remember their tragic story.

In a segment called "Everyone Has a Story", Dirk and Tara Lindsey were invited to tell the story of their devastating loss in Seminole four years ago. All three of their children were killed when their truck was hit by a drunk driver.

"We had a strong faith before. But for some reason, this strengthened our faith. People ask us, you know, how can this happen? We don't know how it happened, but it did. We know there's a God. We know where Rachel, Madelyn and Yates are, and we know we're going to see them again someday," said Dirk Lindsey.

The Lindsey family has since moved to Alabama after adopting twin girls from China. Those little girls climbed into their laps this morning in an emotional segment that included a song about the Lindsey loss. The song was inspired by the names of their twin girls Faith and hope.

And finally, an artist presented Dirk and Tara with a new family picture, portraying all five of their children. The three who are gone sitting in the middle between the two who have been adopted. Overall, the Lindsey family brought to the national spotlight a tragic story with an uplifting new chapter.  

There was also an important underlying message in this closing thought from Cathy Lee Gifford. She says, "Especially with the holidays coming, and there's so much celebrating going on and so much alcohol freely flowing, just keep track of how much you're drinking. People, let somebody else drive you home."

If you would like to watch this story: (click here).

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