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HealthWise at 5 for 11.07

  • Exercise & Strokes

Just one walk each day could help you keep severe stroke at bay.  A new study finds that physically active people are less likely to suffer a severe stroke and may have less trouble recovering from a stroke.  The report in the journal Neurology looked at the medical records and exercise habits of more than 250 patients before their stroke.  They found that patients with the most exercise time were more than twice as likely to suffer a less severe stroke compared to the group with little exercise in their history.

Researchers found that it does not take much to make a difference.  Worthwhile exercise included light housework, walks, or gardening.

  • Preschooler Food Pyramid

Anyone with a preschooler knows about fussy eaters.  Now a new website may provide some help.  The US Department of Agriculture has launched "My Pyramid" for preschoolers, a website that provides nutritional guidelines for children aged two to five.  You enter the sex, age, and activity level of your child and the guide tells you how much from each food group your child needs for good health.

This site also provides tips on healthy eating habits and how to encourage your kids to be more physically active. Just click here and choose the preschooler link.

  • Why Daycare Might Be Keeping Your Kids Indoors

A new study finds some surprising reasons why daycares often keep kids indoors instead of letting them play outside.  The survey says that the number one reason is flip-flops.  They are considered inappropriate and unsafe to wear on a playground.  The second reason is outerwear.  If one child goes to day care without the proper coat on a chilly day, everybody stays inside.  The third problem is the mulch that is often found on a playground.  Staffers say it may look good, but some kids eat it, some use it as a weapon and others complain when they get it caught in their shoes.

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