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Terry & Scurry Counties Vote in Favor of Alcohol; Is Lubbock Next?

If you live in Terry County, picking up a six pack or a bottle of wine will soon be right at your fingertips.  On the November 4th election, legal beer and wine sales were approved in both Terry and Scurry Counties. 

H-Bar-C BBQ is a family-owned restaurant in Brownfield that has been running since 1976.  After the November 4th election in Terry County the legal sale of beer and wine was approved.  Now restaurants like H-Bar-C BBQ can apply for a permit to serve alcohol. "We've been here a long time and we need to move up. It's 2008, it's time for changes," said the owner of H-Bar-C BBQ Sue Cottrell. 

In Terry County, 58 percent of voters were in favor of beer and wine sales and 41 percent were against it. "I don't know which race really brought out the people on election night, but there were some very happy people as a result of all these races and I believe the alcohol had a lot to do with it," said Terry County Clerk Interim, Dolly Moya.

"For a lot of people that's all they voted for was just the beer and wine. I was really surprised when we started counting the ballots and that was the only thing that was marked," said Terry County Judge Earl Brown.

The owner of H-Bar-C BBQ has always been for alcohol sales in Brownfield, but now that they are legalized, she is having mixed emotions within her restaurant. "We have a lot of cliental that are against it so we are sort of on the fence. We want to make everyone happy, so right now we are not going to," said Cottrell.

Now that the legal sale of beer and wine has passed in Terry County, residents could soon be able to get their alcohol at the local Town and Country, Wal-Mart and United Supermarkets. 

So are dry counties becoming a thing of the past in West Texas?  Terry County and Scurry County approved alcohol sales in last week's election, but what about Lubbock County?

Let Lubbock Vote was able to collect more than 33,000 signatures and only need 18,747 valid signatures to get on the ballot in May. "We are very confident those signatures will be affirmed and just however long it will take the election's officials to do it but we are pretty much convinced that what we did was the intent of the people were for this effort," said President/CEO Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Eddie McBride.  

But many people still remain against the sale of alcohol. "I just don't see why they should sell the beer here, it just causes a lot of problems," said one Brownfield resident.  

If it gets on the ballot for Lubbock County, like it did in Terry and Scurry Counties, the voters will have the final say.

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