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Special Agents Protect Fans at Jones AT&T Stadium

When you attend games at Jones AT&T Stadium, security is set in place to keep fans safe. But before the game even starts, one security team sweeps every corner of the place area to assure your safety.

One group of Lubbock law enforcers take the lead in Jones AT&T Stadium security - the K-9's of course. "The chemists for ATF tell us there's approximate 19,000 ways to make a bomb. Out of those 19,000 ways the common factor in all of them are 20 chemicals," said Lubbock Sheriff's Office Lt. David Turner.

And dogs like Navarro and Pyro know them all - all 19,000 of them. "When he was working and he found his odor, he turned around, made eye contact with me and then sat down. And by doing that that's his indication to me, it's called a passive alert, dad, here's the bad stuff," Turner said.

For that Navarro got a treat. Well, it's more than just a treat. Turner said, "This is his actual dog food that he eats and he eats it out of my hand, every day, seven days per week."

When Navarro hits his target, he gets fed. If he doesn't hit his target, he doesn't. So Navarro and Lt. Turner train every day, three hours a day. That makes being a bomb dog owner a seven day a week job.

Navarro graduated from 18 weeks of ATF K-9 training. "The ATF dogs, after they graduate after the 18 weeks you're looking at approximately $50,000 has been spent on this tool," Turner said.

Eighteen weeks and $50,000 of training to assure when the stands are packed there's nothing there that could turn this kind of excitement into tragedy. "Is it fair to say that the safety of all the people that walk into the stadium tomorrow is resting in that dogs nose?" we asked. "Yes sir, and dogs like him all over the country," Turner replied.

Navarro and Pyro are just two of the dogs that come to protect us at Jones AT&T Stadium. Because of their hard work, Lubbockites can all continue attending Red Raiders games knowing our furry canine friends have made it a safer place to have fun.

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