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Lubbock Reflects a Year Later

"There is no greater symbol of America than this flag," said Texas Tech President David Shmidley at a September 11th memorial service at Texas Tech on Wednesday.

At Texas Tech on Wednesday, the flag was a symbol of strength, but also sullen memories. "In remembrance and in mourning of those whose lives were lost and lives were forever changed," said one speaker at the memorial service.

Early Wednesday morning, the Kiwanis Club and Montery High students hung the flag proudly around Lubbock. "I used to just not really care what was going on, but now, it's made me stop and take a look at what's important to me," said one student hanging up flags.

"Just wear red, white, and blue, kinda remember what happened," said one citizen, dressed in his American flag t-shirt. Citizens and postal workers wore commemorative t-shirts. "You just think about it all day. We had a moment of silence in here at 9:46 a.m., the whole post office. We just have to carry on, do our job," said one postal worker.

Patriotism is a language understood by any age. Elementary school students let go of red, white, and blue balloons. "God bless America," they yelled.

Many schools and colleges held assemblies where patriotic songs were the voice of remembrance, and one message that might ring true the most: "I'm thankful to be alive, and I'm proud to be an American," said Dr. Shmidley.

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