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Lubbock Firefighters Remember Their Own

A moment surrounded by heavy silence is enough to lose yourself in the shadow of history, and at the same time bring comfort to life. "You think of September 11th, you think of the 343 firemen that died doing what any other fireman would do. They gave their lives to save somebody. They wouldn't change what they have done," said Lubbock firefighter Ricky Murphy.

Each of the 14 fire stations in Lubbock sounded off the bells simultaneously to signify when the towers fell. At 9:05 a.m., the first tower fell, and at 9:05 Wednesday, the bells rang 15 times. In between, firefighters turned on their sirens, and on any other day, the piercing noise means emergency, but on Wednesday, it meant a day of understanding and admiration.

"It's a day of tragedy for me. We lost 343 firefighters in the towers. It's also a day of pride. I'm proud to be a firefighter," said Captain Rusty Eberle of Station 12.

The bells ring again at 9:28 a.m. to signify when the second tower fell. Again, there were 15 bells that sounded off. But in the midst of such sadness, some try and turn September 11th into a day of thanks.

"My girls we've been making cookies for three days to bring to fire stations. We've been making American flags to hand out to the fire stations to say thanks. These people serve and protect us. This is our way to remember. Bring a little cheer instead of gloom," said citizen Michelle Wheeler.

"This is a ceremony I didn't want to miss," said Murphy.

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