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Lubbockites Extend Condolences with Solemn 9/11 Tributes

On this national day of remembrance, many are doing just as they did the days following the attacks -- turning to God for guidance, strength, and perseverance. And just as millions of Americans and allies extended their condolences on Wednesday, so too did many Lubbockites with solemn tributes to those who died defending freedom one year ago.

Wednesday morning at Lubbock's Lyon's Baptist Church on East 24th St., the congregation marked the occasion with prayer, silence, speeches, and music. "That we will stand together and stand firm over all evil, over all tragedies. Because we realize that united we stand, and divided we fall," says Reverend James Clark of Mt. Vernon Methodist Church.

At Lubbock's downtown First United Methodist, the bell tower rang out at specific times all day commemorating every significant moment of September 11th a year ago. Wednesday night, congregations city wide gathered, including a crowd at Oakwood Baptist at 60th St. and Avenue U. That's where Pastor Cleve Haley's message was about the positive impact of September 11th, and taking this day to reflect.

"It helps us rethink our priorities and redefine who a hero is. It's someone who gives themselves in service for others," says Dr. Haley.

Oakwood Baptist and other churches across town paid tribute to our local emergency personnel. On Wednesday night, the congregation at Oakwood honored Police Chief Claude Jones, Sheriff David Gutierrez, Fire Chief Steve Hailey, and Lt. Bill Schneider with the Department of Public Safety.

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