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New Device Replaces Ventilators for Some

A new procedure is allowing some paralyzed patients, like Kevin Brady, to breathe on their own.  Kevin was injured in a freak accident.  He fell getting out of bed, hit his head on a wall, broke his neck, and is now paralyzed from the neck down.  The good news is that thanks to a new device and surgeons at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, Kevin is recovering from a surgery that will allow him to breathe again without a full size ventilator.

Surgeon, Akshat Shah, says, "It allows us to implant electrodes that stimulate the muscles themselves that normally help you breathe to breathe, to contract and patients are able to get off the ventilator and really live pretty full lives".  Kevin's wife Darlene adds, "This is wonderful.  There's no worry about becoming disconnected.  All the pneumonia and things that traditionally patients get with ventilators, we just don't have that so much anymore.  So this is great".

So, instead of depending on a full size ventilator, Kevin will carry a new pocket device inside his jacket.

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