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"Let Lubbock Vote" Seeking Donations to Pay for Alcohol Petitions

The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce sent an e-mail to its members Tuesday, asking them to contribute to the political action committee called "Let Lubbock Vote."

More than 19,000 Lubbock residents signed the petition to put alcohol sales on the ballot, but they have not been as quick to pay for the effort. Let Lubbock Vote still needs $40,000 to pay for the petition. That money will go to Texas Petition Strategies, the company hired to organize the petiton drive.

Let Lubbock Vote must turn the petition in to the elections office by December 1. Texas Petiton Strategies is holding onto the petition because Let Lubbock Vote hasn't finished paying them yet, but members of the Committee say the petition will get turned in by the deadline, even if they haven't raised the money. 

"We'll go ahead and turn in those petitions because we can see a light at the end of the tunnel from a fundraising standpoint. We're just not quite at goal yet," said Let Lubbock Vote Assistant Treasurer, Norma Ritz-Johnson. 

Assuming the petition is turned in and verified, you'll see alcohol sales on the ballot May 9, 2009.

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