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Operation Enduring Hope Prevents Veterans from Becoming Homeless

Often for military personnel coming back after serving in a war, isn't always the easiest adjustment.  One statistic states 25 percent of America's homeless are veterans.  For those who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan there is a program that is here to help lower that statistic.

Some may wonder what it is like for those who serve in our military to go from active duty, back to everyday life, a lot of veterans deal with this transition differently. "It was a little bit difficult the job situation didn't seem as plentiful as it is now," said World War II veteran Calvin Fortenberry. 

"It's just like changing jobs of any nature.  I just went from having a gun in the military to having a pen and pencil civilian," said Vietnam War veteran. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics reported that 15% of veterans aged 20-24 were jobless, three times the nation's average. And that's where Operation Enduring Hope comes in, a program wanting to change those startling numbers and prevent veterans from ever becoming homeless.

"The thought with this program is to prevent homelessness and extreme need due to financial hardships due to their service so if we can kind of head off some of those problems through this program that's our goal is to be able to help them," said Heather Evans with Operation Enduring Love.

This program offers financial assistance to military personnel and their families who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan helping with utility bills, rent, day care and more. 

"A lot of times when they return from active duty it takes them a couple of months to find employment and their active duty reimbursement stops when they come back so they have to look for a job and find one so there may be a delay in income," said Evans. 

This is a program that ensures help for those who risk their lives to ensure our freedom.

If you are or know a veteran in need, you can contact Heather Evans, Operation Enduring Hope Casemanager with Family Promise of Lubbock at (806) 744-5035.

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