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Lubbock Honors America's Veterans

Proud citizens across the nation, and here in Lubbock, took time to honor some of our greatest heroes, American veterans. Early Tuesday, Lubbock paid tribute to those who have served our country at the Silent Wings Museum.  

NewsChannel 11 spoke to some who have put on those uniforms and fought for the freedoms we know today. "We went in D-Day plus one, in the daylight," World War II Veteran Allen Todd said.

These days planes similar to what Todd flew in Europe hang in Lubbock's Silent Wings Museum.  A United States Air Force Gilder Pilot, Todd was only 22 years old when he flew into the battles of Normandy and Holland. "We got real high altitude and so I kept going trying to get down and the town kept getting bigger and bigger finally I went and took out a turnip patch," Todd added.

Even decades later memories of war are also still alive for Korean War veteran Kenneth Brown. NewsChannel 11 spoke to Brown live during Tuesday's noon broadcast. "Saw them burning of bodies from the enemies, having dug a ditch then putting them in that ditch and then setting them a fire," Brown said.

At just 19-years-old, Brown went to Korea as a Marine Combat Rifleman. That is the same age Army Medic Specialist Dale Brooks started treating fellow wounded soldiers in Vietnam. He was drafted to the Vietnam War at 18-years-old. By his 19th birthday, Brooks was far from family and living the harsh reality of war. "My birthday is the 18th of August and every time it comes around I cringe, because on my birthday when I was 19 I killed a man," Brooks said.

For generations millions have defended the honor of the Red, White and Blue. And as war continues in the Middle East, younger faces, like Navy Petty Officer Second Class Jeremey Randle, continues were Todd, Brown and Brooks left off. To defend American's freedoms and honor fellow service men and women who never made it home. "They fought for me and for me to go to elementary school and now I am fighting for their kids and grandkids," said Randle.

Tuesday night, "A Night of Thanks" was held at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center. The event honored our veterans, past and present, with a color guard presentation, live music, and keynote speaker Roy Velez who recognized veterans from each era, along with living P.O.W's.  

"To say thank you for writing a blank check for our freedom, because we enjoy it every day, they're the ones who are paying for it," said Jason Robinson of America Supports You.

"I feel proud and I really thank them a lot, because it shows that they really appreciate what we've done and what they are doing for other military servers that are still there," said Marine Corps. Veteran Eduardo Martinez.

The event was sponsored by members of the Lubbock chapter of America Supports You, along with help from United Supermarkets and American State Bank.

America Supports You
"America Supports You" recognizes citizens' support for our military men and women and communicates that support to members of our Armed Forces at home and abroad.

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