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The Heisman Trophy Soon A Reality At Tech?

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The Heisman Trophy Award dates back to the end of the 1935 football season. It's named after John W. Heisman - a pioneer in modern day football.

But it's not Heisman who's depicted in the statue. It is Ed Smith, a leading player on the 1934 New York University team.

The first award was earned by Chicago Football player Jay Berwanger on December 9th, 1935. Since then 72 awards have been given including to O.J. Simpson in 1968 and it's currently held by Tim Tebow from the University of Florida.

And now, after 72-years, could one of two Texas Tech players be next?

Pick any person on the Texas Tech campus and you'll get one of three answers - Crabtree, Harrell or both.

Well so far there's never been two at one time so that option can be ruled out. But both have a good chance at the award.

People across the country can vote to decide who the next Heisman winner will be. The total number of votes varies from year to year but there are typically around 900 sports journalists who vote, all living Heisman winners can vote and in recent years, one fan vote will count towards the award.

And to get that fan vote, Texas Tech has put together - a website devoted to getting the word out about Crabtree and Harrell. It's modeled after the recent presidential campaign with signs and yes, even political adds.  

To be part of the official Heisman Trophy fan vote, click here.

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