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HealthWise at 5 From 9.13

  • Prostate Surgery

Men who undergo surgery to just remove the Prostate Cancer have a better survival rate than men decide to wait and see whether the disease progresses. That's according to Swedish researchers who followed Prostate Cancer patients for eight years. They found the death rate from the Prostate Cancer was 4.2% in the surgery group, compared to 9% in the wait and see group. Researchers say there are still patients for whom the watchful waiting approach is most appropriate, but these findings add to evidence that surgery helps increase Prostate Cancer survival. The study is in the New England Journal of Medicine.

  • Artificial Immune System

Sounds like science fiction, but the next step may be an artificial immune system. Researchers at Ohio State University have been selected to create that as a tool to help defend against bilogical warfare.

The $3.7 million grant comes from the department of the defense to develop ways to grow stem cells. "We're taking umbilical cord cells, and modifying them genetically and then putting them in a 3 dimensional matrix and then putting that three-dimensional matrix into a culture machine that we will develop," says Larry Lasky of Ohio State University.

The idea is to use this artificial immune system to test potential new vaccines and to study the impact of chemical warfare on the human body without threatening any humans.

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