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Invention Makes Diabetic Lives Easier

More than 23 million Americans live with diabetes. Many give themselves daily shots to treat and manage their disease. However, a new invention created by one of those patients is helping take the pain out of daily insulin shots.

 K.K. Patton developed a simple delivery system that uses a needle to guide a soft, small tube under the skin called an i-port. Ms. Patton says, "You remove the needle and there's a tiny little tube that stays below the skin and you use that to deliver your insulin. So every time you take an injection, it stays in the device on top of the skin and the insulin goes into the little canula below the skin".

Doctors say the device takes the dread out of injections because the i-port injection port is worn for up to 72 hours and can be used for as many as 75 injections. Moreover, it isn't just for diabetics; it can also be used for people who need daily blood thinners, fertility medication, or growth hormones.  

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