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Parking Causes Raider Fans to Turn Red

Red Raider fans came out by the thousands on Saturday afternoon to cheer on the Raiders at their first home game of the 2002 football season. Fans decked out in their best red and black, some of course were half clothed, but covered in "Double T" body paint, while they whooped and hollered the Red Raiders on to victory. Tech stomped Ole' Miss 42 to 28, putting on quite a show on both the offensive and defensive end.

However, it was a different scene after the game when fans stopped cheering upon noticing their cars had been towed. Apparently, more than 50 cars were towed from the Overton area alone. Police say fans were directed into lots by what appeared to be lot attendants, but actually it was private property. After these people got a lot full of cars, they ran off with the money, leaving the cars to be towed. All of the parking places off of University and 4th St. should be marked that illegal parking results in towing, but some of the fans NewsChannel 11 talked to said some lots, where houses have been removed, do not have posted signs.

NewsChannel 11 talked to some of the Texas Tech fans, and they had this to say:

"People were telling us we could park in here, so we parked our truck, came out, and they were hauling cars off."

"There was a guy that was standing right out here that said parking $5, and we paid him."

"The signs didn't say anything about the lots, it just had an arrow used to indicate the streets. We had to pay more than $100 to get our car. One girl didn't have the money, and she was crying and they didn't show her any mercy."

"They directed us to park here, we parked here. Police saw them towing cars down the street. It was fraud. It's one big rip off."

Police should be on the look out for this kind of fraudulent at next weekend's game.

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