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Final Look at Frescoes

They are more than 900 years old, priceless and were on display for the first time in centuries right here in Lubbock. The Vatican exhibit has brought thousands to the Hub City in the last few months and this last weekend was no exception, hundreds showed up hoping to be added to the standby list to get their turn at viewing history.

Thirty one ancient Frescoes from Rome have been on display for three and a half months at the Texas Tech Museum, but Sunday was the last day for the exhibit, and while the tours looked full, they managed to squeeze in everyone that showed up.

"We just was talking about it and we came to Lubbock to eat after church and we've wanted to come, so it's the last day and we thought we'd take a chance on getting in," Harold Stillwell of Abernathy said.

Harold Stillwell of Abernathy wasn't alone, people waited hours this weekend for their ticket to view the priceless Frescoes.

"I think it's wonderful, I'm so glad the Vatican that they were able to get it to this university. It's just beautiful, it really is a chance of a lifetime," Ann Williams of Midland said.

"Now I want to go back and do some reading because some of the questions, if I had done some reading before I'd be better prepared but I want to go back now and read to better understand what the exhibit was trying to show," Ronnie Williams of Midland said.

123,000 people took advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity, people travelled from all across the United States and from nine different countries into Lubbock.

"It was a very humbling experience to see so many people having enjoyed it and literally having absorbed the beauty of the art," Rev Malcolm Neyland of Lubbock said.

Visitors including First Lady Laura Bush and First Lady of Texas Anita Perry, local congressmen, state representatives and on the last day actress Farrah Fawcett. Miss Fawcett, a catholic herself said art is her first love.

"I majored in art at the University of Texas and I have an exhibition at the LA County Museum November through February of 2003, so you could say I walked right past the drama department for the art department," Farrah Fawcett said.

The Frescoes will be taken down and packed up later this week. Then a representative from Rome will come pick them up and fly them back to Rome. They are not scheduled to be displayed again until 2025.

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