Thacker Jewelry Guarantee and Policies

Fine Jewelry, Factory Direct

4210 82nd Street Suit #202
Lubbock, Texas

Thacker Jewelry Guarantee In General and Statement of Business Principals

Thacker Jewelry is a Christian, family oriented business. We believe in producing an honest product at a fair price and treating others the way we wish to be treated. On behalf of the 14 families supported by this business, we thank each of our customers and hope to make your decision in the choice of a fine jewelry item a pleasant one.

We guarantee everything we make or sell for 1 year from the date of delivery unless otherwise notated here or in writing to the customer. This means we guarantee such things as stones from falling out or becoming loose and the parts that we make will not break. Warranties may be renewed on an annual basis with proper inspection of the item. This procedure is called a Back To Factory Inspection and information is available in the store.

Watch repairs are guaranteed for 12 months. We are unable to warranty watch work if the watch is unable to seal out water and dust, a problem for watches.

We are always happy to clean and check any item purchased from our store free of charge. If any adjustments are necessary, the item must be checked in and processed for repairs which require approximately 10 days. Appropriate charges may apply.

Items Not Guaranteed

  • 1. Glued Items
  • 2. Enameling
  • 3. Gold or Rhodium Plating
  • 4. Loss of any stone over 1/2 carat, colored gem or diamond, or in the case of obvious misuse or damage to the item.
  • 5. Any ring sizing if the finger is not present. Sizing questions on new purchases or repairs must be considered within 30 days of delivery date.

** We do not assume responsibility for the loss of a single diamond or colored gemstone above .50ctw (one-half carat). Customers should have stones appraised and insured and/or covered by a jewelry rider with their homeowners insurance. We gladly supply appraisals for items we sell. Appraisals for items purchased elsewhere begin at $45 and will include a photograph of the item and required description. Insurance information and Jewelers Mutual application forms are available in the store or on request.

Refund and Exchange Policy

Showcase Items

  • 1. We will exchange any item sold by us as a stock item from our showcase within 30 days of delivery as long as it was not altered from its original showcase condition. Sizing is excluded as a condition. We do not give refunds.

Special Order Items

  • 1. We will exchange or remake (no refunds) any item listed below within 30 days of delivery.
  • Cast Items from wax, either a showcase wax or hand carved. Will remake one time only.
  • Items specially ordered for the customer from an outside vendor if prior authorization has been obtained.
  • Handmade items whether fabricated or cast if customer's specific approval was not received before completion.

Custom Work and Computer Aided Designs

  • 1. Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the newest and one of the best ways to design and manufacture jewelry. Because of the expertise required to master this new technology and craft and because of the expense of the equipment: There will be an up front design fee of $250 for any design we create for a customer.
  • 2. This fee is for the time of the designer and programmer to work with the customer to create a design on a computer screen or paper. The fee is 100% creditable towards the completion of the piece for the customer. Once the manufacture is complete the customer will be credited with the $250 deposit payment.
  • 3. If the customer decides not to have the piece manufactured, the fee is forfeited and is not usable as credit in the store. The deposit is active for 6 months from the date paid and will be forfeited in not used by that time.

Delivery Dates and Job Pick Up

  • 1. We make every effort to deliver all repairs and special orders by the estimated delivery date on the job claim check. However, there are times when circumstances are beyond our control and delivery dates will vary. We appreciate your understanding in as much as we all want the very best quality for every job undertaken.
  • 2. Finished jobs cannot be delivered without your claim check or a positive photo ID. Sales associates are not authorized to make exceptions. This is for your protection and we appreciate your understanding.